Making "Return to Me" at Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts

“Return to Me" tells the story of the small and the invisible over vast stretches of time. Vacillating between linearity and three-dimensionality, it attempts to render an immense timeline of astro-geologic movement, charting a singular cosmic cartography that maps the passage of microscopic cosmic dust particles, connecting the beginnings of the universe to our own earthly origins. I follow the fragmentary evidence of this diaphanous celestial material– a ghostly substance that contains in it everything that ever existed in its composition. 

Ubiquitous and ostensibly insignificant, it contains in it all the memories of our lives, our histories, and our universe, inextricably intertwined. Collectively, the pieces function as an extensive memory archive, and as a trace narrative–with the dust as the central force that connects all things to all times. 

Aligning practices associated with a range of contemporaneous sciences, including archaeology, cosmology, and geology this work considers that everything we are began in the furnaces of dust-clouds and dead stars, and how those infinitesimally small particles connect us to our present– and to everything that ever existed, how that dust continuously falls to us from the sky, how we are born of it, how we will return to it, and how meaning can be recovered and assimilated from the tiny fragments around us, whether from the nearly invisible residues of exploded stars that continuously float down on us from past eons, or from the seemingly inconsequential dust that is left over in residues from ephemeral moments that surround around us.